Isn’t it weird how someone USE to text you every morning and say “Good morning beautiful”? Now you can’t even get this person to admit that you exist! They just block you out and pretend you never happened!! They move on to someone else. Their life goes on. And then there is me. I have to look on facebook just to see what is going on in your life. I’m the one that cried when I found out you moved on. Is a month all it takes to get over me? I gave you a year and 6 months!!! You threw away my love like it was nothing. Here I am still trying to find some of your love to hold onto. I can never find any…..then I look to the card you gave me on valentines day, the bracelet that I still haven’t taken off, the panda bear I sleep with every night. But then I see the flowers in the corner of my room. The ones you sent to my school on our 1 year anniversary. I remember the joy and smiles they brought me, the carefulness I used to take them home on the bus. Not letting anyone touch them. I loved those flowers. They meant something to me. They gave me hope, hope that we would be together forever………… But both our love and flowers didn’t last long. As the flowers began to die, I noticed so did your love. Eventually the flowers died. I still haven’t taken them out of my room. And as the last flower withered, I noticed something. They were just flowers. They wouldn’t last forever like I had hoped. Our love wouldn’t last like I had hoped. You gave up on our love. You left me all alone with nothing except a few trinkets and some dead flowers. I gave you a part of me I can never ever get back. You cut me off. No texting, no skype, no facebook, no reason why. Just left all alone with a broken heart and some dead flowers. I don’t know how long it will take for me to get completely over you. You left a permanent mark on my heart. Untill that time, I’ll be here. I’ll be the girl that you don’t love amymore, and you will be the guy I will always love. I will be here for you even if you don’t want me there. I will always look out for you even when I can’t be with you. I will be the girl in the background that you will never notice again. And you will be the guy that I will always want back. Untill you notice me again, I will be close by. You will know that it is me when you see the dead flowers in my hands.